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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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So, on one of legends, at the time

And the origin of names is shrouded in the myths and legends which sometimes are not giving in to a reasonable explanation.So, on one of legends, at the time of origin of a human civilization principal reason presented to people one common language.It contained secret sense of things, all that is put at the heart of each phenomenon.The name became part of this knowledge and reflected essence of the person to whom belonged.But harmony is unusual for people.The desire to have sacrament of the word and to be predominating in it turned life of people into chaos.

When you wash

Number of players: Bathroom one of the best places for acquaintance of the kid to parts of a human body.When you wash the child, surely call that part of a body which soap.It is possible to train memory.Call five parts of a body.Ask the child to repeat all words in that order in what you called them.If it turns out, finish number of words to If you learn a foreign language with the child, it is possible to use words in this language.Stickers on a body Age: years.

Then, on the basis

Comparison of the individual generalized values of formation of oral speech and visual functions at each child with average value of these indicators in control group of pupils allowed to reveal among children with a dyslexia of at whom oral speech, and pupils at whom visual violations prevailed is mainly broken.Then, on the basis of the assumption that some types of errors of reading can have the similar mechanism of emergence, we allocated two groups of mistakes.Separately reading errors which mechanism is most connected with speech processes, and errors of reading which emergence is caused by not formation of visual processes were summarized.


Occupation course.The teacher suggests children to listen to the story: There came the summer.Children mushroomed in the wood.Gathered many different mushrooms: chanterelles, russulas, honey agarics.Suddenly under a firtree saw a hedgehog.Children brought a hedgehog home.Distances to it milk.And in the evening the father came and persuaded children to release a hedgehog in the wood.Then the teacher asks children to consider pictures and to choose corresponding to contents of the text.

With the advent

, and on processing of the received images many months left.With the advent of computing systems and modern vi deokamer the newest methods of studying of movements of eyes were created.Devices for studying of the tracing movements of eyes are represented by the computer adapted for processing of specific data and the highspeed video camera fixing infrared radiation.Approximately the infrared beam goes safe for the person, and the chamber fixes the patch of light reflected from a cornea and the provision of a pupil.


Many people with such problems avoid communication as are not selfassured or confused.Men, especially with problems of impotence and a premature ejaculation, seek to become reserved and to live in the world.However isolation which it is possible to call shyness, can lead to repetition of sexual disorders and turn into constantly arising problem.In an ideal we advise timid people to consider sex not as certain obligatory, giving or takingaway process and as life human experience.

Only forward, to new fulfillments

The birth of own child is a huge positive after which you understand meanness and caducity of all the rest.Therefore when Grishka, at last, was born, I understood that all bad remained there, behind, and ahead we have a new stormy life in which there will be no place of a depression and grief.Only forward, to new fulfillments and feats!The kid was incurred to measure and weigh.And say that the second children are always larger than the first.


January January : Aglaida, Arys, Grigory, Evtikhy, Ilya, Poliyevkt, Prov, Timofey, Trifon, Fessalonikiya.January : Daniil, Ivan, Ignatiy, Filogony.January : Alfred, Pyotr, Prokopy, Femistokl, Feofan, Yulianiya.January : Anastasia, Evtikhian, Zoil, Feodotiya.January : Agafopus, Vasily, David, Izot, Naum, Nifont, Pavel, Pompy, Feodul, Feoktist.January : Agafya, Antiochus, Ahmet, Vitimion, Evgenia, Claudia, Nikolay, Prot, Philip.January : Valtasar.

I started

A month later images became color.At me also it turned out to guess correctly color of a chicken in a shell, and I could answer correctly in game an insight clairvoyance using ESP cards.Two months later my color image started moving.At the same time I at once felt ease when storing and understood that my right hemisphere finally earned, and my estimates improved.I started remembering with ease that our teacher in a class spoke.I heard that the gold medallist of a womens marathon also trained Janko Asari the right hemisphere.

Takes a short

In case of difficulty the teacher shows it as by method of tests it is possible to perform a task.Takes a short stick in the beginning and tries to push out it a parcel.Thus he speaks: You see, the stick does not reach a parcel.Then takes a long stick and pushes out a parcel, exclaiming: Got!Thus pays attention of children to properties of the premetatool: If one stick not to get, it is necessary to look for another, to try other stick.After that the teacher allows the child to play with the machine.

The situation

But nevertheless they are.And even there is the former schoolmate, at which their three the girl from first marriage and two boys from the second.The situation when the woman gives birth to the child from the new husband, is quite natural.New love, a new family and a material embodiment of new feelings the kid.Here everything is clear.And what induces the settled families to give birth to the second?So coincided that with my colleague Nastya we almost at the same time went to the decree, then I was pregnant Dasha, and it already the second child.

Games with

This fine exercise for development of a small motility and coordination of movements.Games with a rope Age: years.Number of players: For certain you in a bathroom have a rope for linen.Give it to the child and suggest to lay out with its help on a floor kakuyunibud a figure.The child is younger, perhaps, will practice in the image of a huge snake, and the senior children will master also more difficult images.Indians Age: years.Number of players: Toothpaste will be suitable for a fighting coloring on a face.

Make offers

At a butterfly not a wing, and.Under a magnifying glass the ladybug looked not a small bug, but huge zhuchishchy; a cockroach , and a spider .Exercise Whose pads, whose head?Consider pictures.Make offers on a sample.Sample: At an ant ant pads, the ant head.At a bee pads head.At a mosquito a pad head.At a cockroach pads head.At a spider pads head.Consider exercise and call.Connect lines of insects of one view with circles of the corresponding color.


Tell that the Kid, when saw came back home.Consider exercise and call: Carlson bought the Kid in shop many toys.The kid photographed the new toys.Count write down in circles or sketch points quantity and call them.{ Four samoletik.Etc.Exercise of Rasskazhik: Make stories about toys according to the offered evident plan.Exercise Find differences: Consider pictures, find differences.Call them.The ship stood on a table.

Besides, linguists

Besides, linguists after L.V.Shcherboy allocate active grammar and passive grammar, i.e.the grammar used in productive types of speech activity and the grammar used in receptive types of speech activity.Thus, the logopedist has to investigate: the volume of a stock of the grammatical forms and designs used at a producing own statements; the volume of a stock of the grammatical forms and designs used at perception of someone elses statements; adequacy of use of grammatical means in own speech and at perception; specific mistakes in use of grammatical means and designs; mechanisms of emergence of specific mistakes.

Here points

Occupation course.The teacher puts before the child two pictures samples: the ball with a string and a ball without string also speaks: Pictures should be spread out in two ranks.Here points by gesture to the first picture it is necessary to put all similar on this, and in other row shows on a ball without string ~ it is necessary to put everything, similar on this.Then the tag with a staff and a tag without staff helps the child to spread out correctly the following couple of pictures.


Depending on the purpose reading can be carried out aloud or about itself.Mastering the child skill of reading begins with reading aloud though this type of reading is more difficult in comparison with reading about itself as in this case it is intended more not most reading, and to the listener that imposes increased requirements clearness, expressiveness quality of reading .When reading about itself the operational structure as if is curtailed.

Date Exercise

Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow and other cities of Russia was applied.Date Exercise is described on materials of the International course of Montessori of pedagogics of the German academy of development and rehabilitations Munich of SORTING of WORDS white series Age years Exercise purpose Intelligent reading.Classification of words.General words.Preparation for space education.Material Box with two offices.

The children

October children in the childhood are very inquisitive and active that passes into a practicality and enterprise in adult years.Children of October are able to outline accurately a side available, thanks to the wit enjoy special love.The children born in October indulged, but wellmannered.Choose any name for the kid, but try to exclude the shouting and loud options.November of summing up.The autumn haze forces the children born in November to plunge in itself.

The little

A.Altukhova, A.N.Kornev, R.I.Lalayeva.The little have more also number of the defended dissertations in which the reading violation problem T.A.Altukhova, S.P.Habarov, A.V.Ogarkin, M.N.Rusetskaya is investigated.In general it is possible to claim that after fundamental works of professor R.E.Levina and the staff of its laboratory to which the domestic logopedics is obliged by the considerable rise noted in kh years of last century in all areas of logopedics today a certain recession is noted.

But even

I am not too strong in mathematics.But even with my poor knowledge I can count, what mad rise to a salary will get we bend fingers Anna Mamedovna, her nurse Valya, the nurse from a procedural office, the senior nurse, the aunt from registry, the manager of ZhK or perhaps also ladies from laboratory that they served months my pregnancy.And even if to increase these denzhishch by number of all pregnant women observed at the same time with me all the same the sums will be ridiculous.

A pronominalization

And the bird departed.Cats the heads were knocked and ran up, and the bird again sat down on penek.In the text of pronouns and nouns.A pronominalization index , Violations of word formation and word change testified to insufficient formation of a grammatical system of the speech: They saw a bird and throw steel on it, a sparrow vorobyenok.Errors of word formation were revealed in stories of of school students of control and of children of experimental group.

We picked

During the work with the children having the general underdevelopment of the speech when automation of one or groups of sounds can last some months need for new texts is constantly felt.We picked up that number of stories which will be sufficient for correction of shortcomings of a sound pronunciation at the most difficult and its polymorphic pathology.Making stories and fairy tales, we sought to diversify their thematic palette as much as possible to expand a lexical framework of the childrens speech.

The reason

Next time use games in telepathy without touching with the child, at distance.The result will be same.Missie To, the elementary school teacher, noted that children in her class started seeing clearly the images after after training in images.The reason for which children answer correctly, in ESP game because they can see distinctly the picture or the map as an image.Ability of children to see images develops through ESP game, training training a postimage the image kept by a retina after cancellation of an irritant, to development of memory of the right hemisphere and development of images.

Then children

If this reception does not help the child, it is necessary to use the specifying questions: What ball in size was brought by Vova?What color?What was drawn on a ball?What strip on color?After the child chooses a ball, it ask to tell as what he chose a ball, the speech statement to prove the choice.Then children become in a circle and play with this ball.Game can be continued, having offered children the description of other ball.


Inspection of phonemic perception and a condition of the sound alphabetic analysis is obligatory at inspection of school students with shortcomings of oral and written language.Examination of a grammatical system of the speech is conducted or with a support on presentation subject and subject pictures, or without it in the verbal plan for example, in a voprosnootvetny form.In the conditions of collective inspection children can give written tasks like podstanovochny add, insert, etc.

One view

It went on a wall.The seam godlessly hurt.Steps troubled.The way from the fourth on the second floor took half an hour.One view of the daughter gave at once Vick forces.As though the baby shared energy with mother.Light, pure and only the positive.Vika calmed down.At that moment she understood that everything will be good.On another also cannot be!In the evening milk began to arrive.So quickly?

These books

Along with classical first books, we, certainly, offer also the own, made by teachers of childrens groups Maria Montessoris Houses.These books too had success in children.Where exercise In childrens groups of the House of Maria Montessori in Moscow was applied.Date BEGINNING, MIDDLE, END Age years Exercise purpose Thinning of hearing.Recognition of sounds of Russian, its melodious sounding.Ability to allocate a separate sound and to define its place in the name of a subject.

All children

The theories of her director published and introduced in practice are widely known and are hotly discussed.Inspection of this school was business very hard owing to big distinctions between this school and all others which inspectors met before, but also very interesting thanks to the given opportunity to estimate, but it is not simple to observe what this school educates.All children live in school and pay for the maintenance of pounds a year.Despite a low wage of the personnel about what it will be told below, it is hard for director to contain school on these conditions, but to change them he does not want, knowing financial circumstances of parents.

Give to the child

Suit from a towel Age: let.Number of players: After acceptance of a bathtub it is possible to dream up with a dress from a towel.Give to the child a big towel or a little small, and let he by means of clothespins will think up to himself a dress.New Years mirror Age: years.Number of players: On New Years Eve allow children to decorate a mirror in a bathroom.Toothpaste for this purpose will approach as well as possible.It is possible to draw snowflakes or to present that this frozen window, and children Father Frosts assistants decorate it with unprecedented patterns.

These structures

Besides, the zritelnoprostranstvenny analysis is the cornerstone of differentiation of letters as graphic objects The serial organization of movements, programming, regulation and control of reading represent functions of the third block which includes forward departments of a brain.These structures also have the hierarchical organization.Primary zones of the block a place of an exit of motive impulses which programs are created by the secondary zones located over the primary.

Memory of software

In addition to development of sense organs we also pay attention to memory development.Memory of software develops abilities to a vizualizirovaniye, creativity and bright strong memoirs.The rhythm and speed are an integral part of a method of Shichid.The correct rhythm and speed I promote fast reaction and intellectual force, also as well as ability to accept to receive and remember images instantly.As the result, this method does children capable to develop the natural talent gift.


At someone already age is closer to thirty five, after which the risk of developing of pathologies increases.At someone the first child already the school student, and there is a wish to take for a drive a carriage.Someone simply looks around, and someone all life dreamed of a family with a heap of kids.But NI U of WHOM aspiration to give birth to the second is not connected with desire to receive the maternity capital advertized by the government notorious two hundred fifty thousand budget money.

And what

It happens below?No, it happens always only above.And what happens only above?Clouds where happen?stars, moon.And now think, what happens only below?Look at the earth.The grass where grows?It where happens?plants, reservoirs, earth, sand, stones, etc..After that children independently list objects of the nature which happen only above, and what happen only below.WHAT HAPPENS SWEET?Occupation course.


To tell the child for whom do nesting boxes as well as of what do them.Exercise Hideandseek: What subjects are hidden on the picture?Call them and lead round on a contour colored pencils.How people use in the spring these subjects?Call exercise tenderly: Call each subject from the previous exercise tenderly.Exercise of Nonsense: Consider the picture.Tell that does not happen in the spring.Subject: FURNITURE To consider together with the child of the picture.

He was engaged

Know, what happened to this boy?He made significant progress in music since then.Once in February, the teacher told it to take part in musical competition.He decided to play a subject from the movie spaceship yamato.In March he still could not remember music, the boy and parents were very upset.He was engaged one hour on weekdays and three hours on days off.And as a result he lost hope.Then he was told to switch to development of figurative thinking.


Thanks he muttered I do not smoke, the sir.Take, take, the devils liar I told, smiling, and he took.I at one stroke killed two hares.In the opinion of this boy the principal the relentless moralist and the observer of discipline who should be deceived constantly.Offering it a cigarette, I showed that I have nothing against its smoking.Having called him the devils liar, I started talking to it in his language.At the same time I struck blow to its idea of the people allocated with the power, showing that the director quite can easily and cheerfully swear.

The following

In the analysis of quality of the oral statement the logopedist solves the same problems, as at preschool children.The following parameters are estimated: Text structure as linguistic structure.Grammatical registration of the statement type of the used offers, their structure, existence of means of word change and word formation, adequacy of their use.Lexicon compliance of volume of the dictionary to age norms and requirements of the statement, adequacy of its use, semantic filling of lexicon.


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